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High Quality Structured Wiring

Cables - Structured Wiring

When your business needs to support a communications network, Y Communications, Inc. in Roseville, California, installs structured wiring systems. Our team of professionals has designed and installed hundreds of systems, and we use this experience to provide you with top service.

Solutions and Services

Your job is performed with the highest quality materials. As a manufacturer-certified installation company, we pass along warranties to our customers, including Panduit's premier 25-year application assurance warranty.

We provide solutions for your structured cabling needs, including:

• Needs Assessment and Capacity Analysis
• Cost/Benefit Alternatives Analysis Studies
• Design Services
• Installations
• Fluke Cable Analyzer and Optical Time
  Domain Reflectometer Testing Services
• Documentation Services
• Computer-Aided Designs
• Maintenance and Support Services


Solutions for the Future

The uncertainty of future technologies means that managers should ask themselves which networks they need to support with their cable installation. Data rates alone have increased for premise wiring and local area networks over the past ten years. The change in standards of Category 5E/6 cables to 350 and 1,000 Mbps and Fiber MM and SM means that more support is necessary.

Potential problems are avoided by our careful planning. We keep a continuous line of communication open with you to ensure quality every step of the way. As a customer, you have a staff of technicians and engineers at your disposal to design and maintain your network. We save you time and money by staying on top of your needs. Our high quality products furnish network installations such as:

• Fiber Optic Cabling and Splicing
• Outside Plant Installations
• Multi-Pair Copper Cable
• Campus Networks
• Wireless Networks
• Video Conferencing


Cable Installation

There is a cable for every need. We install a variety of cables for voice, data, and video applications, including:

• Fiber Optic Cable
• Coaxial Cable
• Category 3

• Category 5
• Category 5E
• Category 6
• Category 6E

Contact us to plan for the future of network design problems with our services.